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OE Volkswagen brake light switches activate when 20lbs of pedal force is applied on the master cylinder, which in turn generates a set amount of hydraulic pressure to close the switch. This means you are already applying the brakes BEFORE your brake lights actually come on. Update your Volkswagen to the modern age with our brake pedal-activated brake light switch! This brake pedal-activated brake light switch activates the brake lights as soon as the brake pedal is moved, immediately alerting traffic of your intention to slow down. Fast brake light reaction time is your best defense against being rear-ended.

This kit is for left-hand drive (LHD) 1958+ Type I / III vehicles and does not require permanent modification to your vehicle:  it mounts to the pedal assembly using the rear-most mounting bolt. Wiring uses OE-style quick-disconnect terminals and routes from the interior to the OE fuse box underhood using the OE grommet to the left of the fuse box. 


Kit includes switch, mounting bracket, wiring, connectors, and instructions for installing on a 1961-1979 Beetle, 1971-1979 Super Beetle, 1958-1974 Karmann Ghia and 1973-1974 Thing.  Many customers have successfully installed this on a Type III (manual and auto transmission), Manx-style buggies and vehicles equipped with "roller" accelerator pedals. 


Unfortunately, this kit will not fit a Type II or right-hand drive (RHD) Type I / III vehicles.

Pedal-Activated Brake Light Switch

SKU: ACE-0104
  • This kit is 100% bolt-in:  no permanent modifcation to your vehicle is required.

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